At Uniquely Perfect, we believe that the process of gathering and preserving your stories is just as important as the final product. Your project may involve all or some of the following steps:
  1. Initial conversation (free)
  2. Our first step is to discuss your project so we can get a sense of what you are envisioning and so you can ask whatever questions will help clarify the process. We also discuss your time line and budget. Once the details are clear, we create a contract and payment schedule.

  1. Story collecting
  2. In this phase, we collect the materials for your project, such as photos, documents, and contact information for people to be interviewed. We set up and perform the interviews, providing you with either recordings or transcriptions of the interviews. With these materials we then create a first draft of your book and send it to you for your review.

    As we are collecting stories, we also begin to set aside photos, letters and other memorabilia that will be part of the final book.

  1. Book Design
  2. Once the manuscript is complete, we begin to design your book, laying it out with all the text, images and other materials you wish to include. At Uniquely Perfect, we make special effort to ensure that both the words and the design of your book contribute to the telling of your story. We create custom, one-of-a-kind books to showcase your stories, as well as simpler books that can easily be mass-produced. As with the text, you have the opportunity to review the design so that it perfectly suits your needs.

  1. Editing
  2. Upon receiving your input, we edit the manuscript and book design to meet your requests. We then create a final draft.

  1. Production and Delivery.
  2. With all the materials in place, we produce your product in the form and quantities that you have delineated. The final product(s) are then delivered to you or the recipients of this precious gift.