Uniquely Perfect was created in 2005 as a means of helping people record and share their stories and mementoes. Founded and owned by Angela Zusman, Uniquely Perfect represents a group of artists - ranging from writers to bookmakers, graphic designers to fine artists, photographers to printers - who collaborate to produce high quality oral histories, custom books and invitations.

Angela has been writing and making books her entire life, yet it was one specific book that prompted her to start this company. For her grandmother's birthday several years ago, she created a book that told the story of her grandmother's life. When her grandmother received the book, she said, "What else would I want on my 83rd birthday? I have no need for any more things. I want to know that I am loved, and that I will be remembered."

These words inspired Angela to help others document their histories and Uniquely Perfect was born. Since then, Angela and her team have supported individuals, families, businesses and communities to express and preserve their stories in books, exhibits, events, recordings, and other formats.

Angela has many years' experience as an oral historian, writer and book artist. She is a newspaper columnist and is currently writing a guidebook for oral histories as well as her own memoir. She also acts as a writing coach and ghostwriter, and travels widely teaching workshops on life-writing and other topics to people of all ages.

Recent publications include: Oakland Tribune, The Montclarion, The Piedmonter, Palo Alto Daily News, Redwood City Daily News, publications for the Oral History Association (OHA) and Association of Personal Historians (APH).

Coming in 2010: Tell Me Your Stories: A guidebook for intergenerational oral history projects, published by Left Coast Press.

Member, Association of Personal Historians